Welcome To Nrutyayan

Nrutyayan has been striving hard to popularize Odissi dance and make it a global form, since the last two decades and has been very successful at that. The institution is one of its kind in Bhubaneswar, which conducts regular programmes to enlighten general masses about the dance tradition of Orissa.

Nrutyayan has trained many disciples who have become renowned as dancers. Under the aegies of Nrutyayan, our revered Guruji, Sri Durga Chara Ranbir visits Malaysia, USA, France etc to conduct classes on Odissi. The students of Nrutyayan hail from various nationalities ranging from French, Spanish and German to Malaysian, American and even South American. Nrutyayan operates at 3 centres in Bhubaneswar. For further details please visit the contact page.

About Dance
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