About Nrutyayan

Nrutyayan, a premier dance institution in Orissa, was established in 1987. Being the brain child of Guru Sri Durga Charan Ranbir, this institution was conceptualized for the sole motive of popularizing the Deba Prasad Vani of Odissi dance. Nrutyayan was initially set up at a humble rented accommodation at Acharya Vihar, a locality of Bhubaneswar, with three small kids as the first students. These three kids, (Sangeeta Dash, Rajashree Chintak and Ranjita Mallik) were later to become the finest exponents of Odissi. Following the footsteps of these three pioneers, slowly students started enrolling themselves at Nrutyayan.

Young kids aged 4-5 years were taught the nuances of Odissi and were constantly exposed to the hard, disciplined life style needed to learn it. Many students came exploring for other related art forms like music, percussion and fine arts. When student enrolment in these fields increased considerably, Nrutyayan started conducting classes simultaneously in these allied art forms. Today, after almost two decades of its inception, Nrutyayan has become the hub of Odissi in the state capital, with many branches and students spread all over the world.

Then a pioneer, now this institution is a hot bed of Odissi training in the state. It boasts of a large number of student fellowships. Students from all over the world are being groomed at this Institute. Many of them have carved a niche for themselves in the field of dance. A large number of students have been awarded scholarships and fellowships for pursuing specialized study in the field and are empanelled artists of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR).

The institute is being managed by Guru Durga Charan Ranbir who is also the General Secretary and is presently operating at Guruji’s own residence as its headquarters. Classes are being conducted for aspiring dancers and students from far and wide come to be trained here. Nrutyayan also organizes workshops and lecture demonstrations for propagating Odissi and has been quite successful in inculcating a sense of commitment within its disciples. Dancers of Nrutyayan have performed at almost all the major national and international dance festivals.